Student´s feedback and comments

“My lessons with Laura were both extremely helpful and a real joy for me. Without pressure I could explore my voice and gain confidence in using it with very gentle but effective exercises that included working with the body, using the imagination, finding new sounds and ways of improvising – never just reproducing but always finding an own way of expressing oneself. In that aspect I felt very free and guided at the same time. The unconventional ways of thinking about and approaching singing, sound, improvisation and music in general really opened doors for me! Talking about ways of singing, music, bands or life performance situations was very important for me to develop a taste, to find out more about myself as a singer and have trust therein. I always had the feeling that I could ask anything, make any mistake and be sure to be heard and get a real empathetic response to what I wanted to do or what problems I had. I sometimes wondered how it was possible for her to hear and understand so well which change was needed to sound better and sing with more ease and enjoyment. When I listened to the others of Laura´s students, I really loved that everyone had their own sound and style and was encouraged by Laura in that, rather than having to sound like someone else. Also the group lessons with other students were marvelous; from sound carpets, fantasy language and imitation to supporting a single singer with the other voices we really learned how to listen and how powerful and lovely it is to sing with others. Another great benefit for me was that Laura could help me to sing some beautiful Brazilian music, which she has also been singing and studying for many years.” (J)


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